For Love 21 by Forever 21

Fast fashion retailer Forever 21 has always been the go-to spot for super-cute accessories on the cheap. Now the well-known store has included For Love 21 in their shops and online, a separate line of completely adorable and affordable jewelry, sunglasses, gifts, and accessories.

A chunky, masculine-inspired watch is surprisingly appealing with the season's most feminine frocks and dressy tops.

A simple cotton canvas clutch is dressed up with a large wooden medallion and a sweet tangerine hue.

These vintage-style lucite sunglasses are so Annie Hall and the price couldn't be better!

The painterly look is a summer staple! This sheer scarf is perfectly light and airy to pull together any warm weather look.

A simple and sexy way to dress up jeans for a day out with your girlfriends. Add heels and you're ready for a night out!

This book makes a fabulous gift for your favorite diva or to keep for yourself!

Isn't it amazing how a pretty weekender can make airport woes a little more bearable? This one's even got wheels to make the dash a little easier.


Anonymous said...

Recently, I shopped in a mall in Indianapolis and brought several peices of inexpensive jewerly. I put the earrings on and before I left the mall 1 hour later the earrings had broken. I wnet back to the store for a refund but I could get one. I got home and put my necklace on for the evening and it broke in my hand $5.80. If For Love can't gurantee their merchanise for 14 days or even 14 hours. They can keep the cheap stuff ; it's a waste of time and money. signed highly disappointed no matter how cute the jewerly is i spend 30.00 on jewelry all total. I'm just waiting for the rest to break.

Michelle said...

I agree that it's really cheap stuff! Very colorful though!

Rebecca Kelsey of Miss Random Bliss said...

Did For Love 21 get bankrupted or something? Its no longer on Forever 21's website!

Amy Marie said...

I bought a piece from there and before I had worn it for two hours the clasp broke off. When I tried to EXCHANGE it I was told no. When we asked for a corporate number to complain to we were told "I don't have to give you that."

If you need cheap, cute jewlry go to Claire's or Icing. These people really suck.

Anonymous said...

i havent had a problem with any of the jewlery. but if youre worried, then just go for the other stuff. i go a really cute hat for 3 bucks that i couldnt even make for 25. and they have cute journals too. if youre not careless,its not a problem.