It's Bow Time

Recently, makeup artists and beauty brands have taken notice of a usually unnoticed-but-somehow-unmissable part of the anatomy—the bow just above the lip. Subtly but undeniably sexy, the bow has typically taken a back seat to the plump pillowy fullness of a pouty bottom lip, until now!

Dick Page, makeup artist and artistic director for Shiseido the Makeup, highlighted the sweet spot on the runway at Doo.Ri by dusting a shimmery, golden pink powder at the bow of the lip for a soft, ethereal effect (I'm thinking Nars The Multiple in Orgasm - just right for all the lip locking you'll do tomorrow!); and Benefit Cosmetics has Cupid’s Bow, a lip liner devoted to making the bow of the lip the most appealing part of the body. With Valentine's Day just 24 short little hours away, it's the perfect time for beautiful, kissable lips!

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